Staley-Wise Photographers in the National Portrait Gallery’s exhibition “American Cool”

Bob Willoughby "Billie Holiday, 1952"

Bob Willoughby “Billie Holiday, 1952”


Staley-Wise photographers Bob Willoughby, Alfred Eisenstadt, Roy Schatt, David LaChapelle, Edward Steichen, Ron Galella, Leo Fuchs and Jim Marshall are all featured in the exhibition “American Cool” now on view at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC. 

American Cool at the National Portrait Gallery

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“Lillian Bassman, fashion photographer” on The Telegraph

Lillian Bassman "Barbara Mullen, New York, Harper's Bazaar, circa 1958"

Lillian Bassman “Barbara Mullen, New York, Harper’s Bazaar, circa 1958”


Lillian Bassman’s striking and distinctive fashion photographs have been featured on The Telegraph website.

Lillian Bassman, Fashion Photographer

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